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    Peacocks 2019 Conference; Contracture Management


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    • Forth 2019 Conference title; Contracture Management

    Peacocks annual conference will take place at Centre for Life on Saturday 26th January 2019. This year's topic - Contracture Management - will  appeal to a wide range of healthcare professionals including Orthotists, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists working in both the adult and paediatric arena.


    As always we have attracted a very high calibre of speakers, and have a jam-packed agenda. 

    Booking is via


    9:00 Arrival

    9.30  Welcome鸿运彩软件下载

    9.35 Introduction; What is contracture? 

            Dr Stephen Ashford  

    10:05  A physiotherapy approach to contracture management

              Sharon Solan, paediatric orthopaedic physiotherapist; Great North Children’s Hospital

    10.25 An Orthotic approach to contracture management;  

              Gary Carden Orthotist, Peacocks Medical Group

    10.45 What if it isn’t contracture? Tone v contracture;  

               Jane Gillman Senior physiotherapist North East Regional Clinical Gait Laboratory

    11:05  Coffee and Biscuits

    11.25 Research project; Use of contracture correction devices in Muscular Dystrophy;  

               Jassi Sodhi; Research Physiotherapist Regional Muscle Team, Centre For Life

    11.45 Splinting for the prevention and correction of contractures in adults with neurological 
              dysfunction Practice guideline for occupational therapists and physiotherapist

               Dr Stephen Ashford  

    12.15 Surgical options for contracture management, Great North Children’s Hospital 

               Mr Antoine De Geldhere FRCS, Consultant paediatric orthopaedic surgeon; 

    12.45 Other technologies and applications

              Professor Anand D Pandyan Professor of Rehabilitation Technology 

    13.15 Panel questions and discussion

    13.30 Close and Lunch

    Event poster and programme can be downloaded and shared below. 

    File Downloads